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At The Spaw, our premier pet boarding service offers your precious pet more than a place to sleep. You can rest easy knowing that our expert staff provides the highest level of care, comfort, and attention that your pet needs and deserves.

Before your pet stays with us, we will provide you with a tour of our facility. This will give you and your pet a chance to become acquainted with our boarding service so you feel completely at ease in leaving your pet with us.

Pet parents appreciate The Spaw for our customized care options and our flexibility to adapt to each pet’s needs. Whether you are searching for pet boarding accommodations for a night, a weekend, or longer, we know your pet will love their vacation at The Spaw.  Our goal with our boarding service is to provide your pet with maximum comfort and loving attention during their stay with us. When we board your pet, they are treated like family.

Cleanliness, safety, and care for your pet is our number objective so you know your pet is well cared for.



Boarding Rates

For boarding rates, we offer several options. They include large luxury suites. All our rooms have Kuranda elevated beds and pads for extra comfy napping and sleeping.

Luxury Suites

  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Fluffy fleece blankets
  • Minimum 4 walks a day
  • One-on-one play time with staff
  • Beautifully decorated
  • Kuranda elevated beds and pads
  • Fluffy fleece blankets
  • Bubbling water fountain
  • Minimum 4 walks a day
  • Multiple one-on-one play time with staff


Our staff at The Spaw will be responsible for administering medication to your pet at a rate of $2 per dose and we will give insulin for $3 per dose. Medication not provided by The Spaw

Our staff will administer medications for $2.00 per day and insulin for $3.00 per day.

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvovirus
  • Bordatella (intranasal or oral) we do not accept injectable bordatella
  • K-9 Influenza (H3N8 & H3N2)

Boarding for Dogs

Boarding for Dogs at The Spaw is $35 per night. If we board your dog on holidays, the cost is $40. All our rooms come equipped with the same style bed and pad.  We provide food and water dishes in all rooms, unless your pet prefers one from home.

We offer discounted rates for multiple dogs from the same family. However, they need to stay in the same room. We recommend that pet owners bring their pet’s own food for their stay with us. If we run out of the food you give us, we will provide additional food for $1.50 per feeding.

Our staff at The Spaw will be responsible for administering medication to your pet at a rate of $2 per dose and we will give insulin for $3 per dose. Medication not provided by The Spaw.

All our rooms at The Spaw are located in a temperature-controlled building. For your pet, we offer outdoor play under the shade with specialized equipment that is made especially for your dogs.  We do have separate playrooms with Dog TV, comfortable lounging, and interactive toys.

There are separate rooms for medium to large dogs, and the littles also have their very own playroom with all the amenities.

Recognized holidays include Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Spring Break, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. A minimum three-night reservation must be booked during these holidays, in addition to a 50 percent deposit.


Boarding for Cats

We have luxury individual condos for our cat campers, complete with screeded glass door individual cat trees, hammocks, and their own litter box that is scooped twice a day. The rate for this type of boarding is $18.50 per day. We offer a discount for boarding more than one cat from the same family, but the cats must stay in the same condo.

  • Indivdual cat tree
  • Cat hammock
  • Indivdual litter box scooped twice a day
  • Playtime with staff


We require all cats be current on vaccinations prior to boarding.

  • Rabies
  • Leukemia. (if your cat is an outdoor or indoor/outdoor pet)


We ask that you bring enough food your pets stay in zip lock bags with their names, amount, and times they usually eat.

If we run out of food for them we will gladly provide meals at a cost of $1.50.